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Are you are A business owner without marketing staff?

Do you have time to be your own marketing staff?

Have you updated your website since June 2016?

Do you know how to structure a social media campaign to keep customers interested?

Are your materials too difficult for non-native English Speakers to understand?

Are you are eager to tell your story, expand your customer base and increase your revenue?

informative and entertaining marketing content draws people to your website. people drawn to your website may buy something!

There are Three Types of People( i.e. Customers): 1)The People You Know  (Warm Leads) 2) The People of the People You Know (Cool Leads) and 3) The People You Don’t Know (Burrrr).

Content Management Campaign Promotes the Business/Service/ Products to All 3 Types of Customers.  24/7/365.

Content Management Campaigns have been proven to  Increase Your Bottom Line with an excellet ROI (Return on Investment) by Exploding your Customer Base through Targeted Content.

“How,” you ponder, “Can a Content Management Campaign save me money, improve my bottom line AND keep my staff (or me) focused on what they’re (or I’m) good at?”

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If You Can Answer “YES” or “NO” to the following 7 questions, you need a Content Management Campaign.

Make Money
  1. Did you know that if you don’t add fresh content to your website AT LEAST 2 x per year, you AUTOMATICALLY drop to the bottom of the search rankings when your industry keywords are googled? You want to be found on pages 1–3, not page 102.
  2. Are your more successful competitors using content management / social media? If you don’t have a Content Management Campaign as well, you are leaving money on the table, and somebody else is picking it up.
  3. Are you(r) employees saying and writing the same messages about your company, its products, the philosophy,  its policies? You better find out.
Save Money and Time
  1. Do you or your staff currently write blogs, update the website, post on Facebook, upload promo photos to Instagram and tweet the latest news to your customer list? Are you/they good at it? If not, then your time’s a wasting. 
  2. Can staff/you write effectively across different platforms, like Linked-In, Facebook, Blogs, Website Copy,  Website Ad Copy, Instagram?
  3. Can you/your staff meet enough people and persuade them to be your customers to satisfy your capacity for business? You can’t work 24/7/365 to find customers. Your Content Management Campaign can. And it will.
  4. Do you have $80,000 (and that doesn’t include benefits, Workman’s Comp, Employment Taxes) to hire a full-time staffer to execute a Content Management Campaign? Hire a consultant to do it for you at a fraction of the cost.

B2B & B2C content marketing

At Decide to Thrive Communications, we write Content for both solo entrepreneurs and midsize companies that do not have the time or writing talent to consistently do the research, write and post the content necessary to reach your target customers.


Content Management campaign elements

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • 90-second Videos: concept, development, script, production
  • Facebook
  • Website Copy:  Refreshed, Updated
  • Linked-In Profile Updates
  • Case Studies: It’s more than a testimonial; it’s a good story. And everybody loves a good story
    and a happy ending. Case studies tell your story. Your website needs at least three.
  • Ghostwritten (sssh!!) Articles: You take the credit. We don’t mind.
  • Need Something Else? Let us know.

Check It: If your website looks like a jumbled mess on a smartphone, that person is not going to stick around to read about your company, much less make a purchase. We’ll fix that.

Reminder: You can’t meet enough people to persuade them to be your customers and you don’t have the time. Keeping casual browsers on your site is proven to turn them into paying customers. An interesting, informative and targeted social media campaign will. Every day. All day. All night. 


evaluative component

At Decide to Thrive Communications, the client and our staff develop an evaluation to determine your ROI (Return on Investment). We determine the outcomes you consider a success in advance. Pre- and post-measurements provide the data.


What’s special about Decide to Thrive Communications?

A good salesperson banishes customers’ potential objections before they can be asked. Your written content has to do the same thing. We answer the questions your customers need answering.

Check out our Content Management Packages to find the solution that fits every budget.

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