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The 5 Ws


Answering the Ws is the professional journalists/media writers holy of holiest of grails. Every news story must provide these basic facts.

Savvy Business Owners Should Be Concerned with the 5 Ws?

For example, do you create and post informative, entertaining and educational blogs? Develop and send emails targeting previous customers? How about A 90-second Welcome to My Website Video to explain who you are and why you’re great?

Here’s how the 5 Ws can help business owners close a deal:

What: What problem(s) does the client have that you can fix? Let them know you understand what keeps them awake at night, or what they can’t live without.

Why: Are you the best at solving their problems/needs? There‚Äôs other companies who do what you do. Why… do you do …what you do…better than they do? (That’s a great song line. Feel free somebody. Just let me know. Maybe I can sing background? Just saying. Soprano.)

Who: Who are you? Who are your employees? Who got you into the business? Who inspires you? Who have you worked with? Who thinks you’re the cat’s meow?

When: Can you solve their problem?

Where: Where can you help your customers in other areas?: an opportunity to showcase more of your goods/services.

Get to Content Writing folks.