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About Decide to Thrive Communications

We help our clients thrive through using written language to inform, educate, delight and ultimately sell
targeted audiences on our client’s products and services.

Christine McKee, owner of Decide to Thrive, has over 25-years’ experience in writing, social media marketing, project management and organization.

I’m the case of the only child, who shared her mother’s love of books and knowledge, for whom reading was my siblings and TV (Ok. I was a mere baby in the entertainment era with only 3 TV channels.  Color?  Say whaaat?).

Here’s some of the company’s I’ve worked for and with over my career:

  • Hype Hair Magazine, hair, fashion and beauty
  • US House of Representatives
  • Maryland Departments of Health and Human Services / Health and Mental Hygiene
  • National Institutes of Mental Health
  • Bode Floors
  • Jolles and Associates, Business Insurance
  • Farley Acupuncture 
  • Oliver Henderson Realty Group
  • XtremeClean
  • Garcia Zamor Patent Attorneys
  • Fort Washington Medical Center
  • 1st Generation College Bound
  • Maryland Suicide Prevention Conference
  • Boat People SOS 


Christine McKee, M.A.
Decide to Thrive Communications, LLC
We’re Write For You.
(443) 621-4999


If you can afford to hire a full-time Content Manager, a salute. Go on with your bad self.

If you cannot, but want the services your more successful competitors use to divert your potential share
of the business to them, let Decide to Thrive Communications help.


All Packets Include an Evaluative Component.

Other Services

Need help with a writing project like: Annual Reports, White Papers, Marketing Proposals for Business
Plans or Something Else?